Thursday, 10 March 2011

: A R T :

Art works I created to investigate why the sense of ' feeling at home' is so important for us... and how do we realize the place in which we find our selves at 'home'? 

[ For me, I find a sense of 'home' not in the physical setting of a house; I find my 'home' within my self when I am submerged with people who know me... who make me grounded. It is an impulsive sensation that delivers comfort...
However there are many people who feel the sense of 'home' in a very different way to me! For example a man who travelled the world all his life found his true sense of 'home' in the environment where comfort and predictability is not present.] 

To represent my sense of 'home' x1 'bird box' is lit by L.E.D lights... The other 200+ bird boxes are left as most as if the audience will fill them with their own sense of 'home'.